The "Specialization, Specialization and Innovation" SME Symposium was held in Fuyuan, Weifang

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On December 4, a delegation led by Jiang Duntao, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Liu Yun, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Weifang, visited Weifang Fuyuan Supercharger Co., Ltd. for research and guidance. Subsequently, a symposium was held in Weifang Fuyuan Supercharger Co., Ltd. for the city's specialized, special and new small and medium-sized enterprises. At the meeting, Chen Liang, Chairman and General Manager of Weifang Fuyuan Turbocharger Co., Ltd., made a typical speech. Secretary Jiang Duntao and Mayor Liu Yun analyzed and guided the problems raised by Chairman Chen Liang, and spoke highly of the company's achievements in tackling "air suspension bearing", "ultra-high pressure ship turbocharger" and other neck stuck technologies in recent years.

Bian Hanlin, Yang Jianhua, Di Bo and Ju Junhai, municipal leaders, as well as the Publicity Department, the Political Research Office and the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee, the leaders of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau and the Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, the leaders of the Fangzi District Committee and the District Government, and the leaders of 15 "specialized, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprises attended the meeting